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Boxing: Joseph Parker confirms heavyweight rematch against Derek Chisora

Kiwi heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker has locked in his next fight – a rematch against Derek Chisora.

Parker is one up against his British rival, beating him over 12 rounds by split decision earlier this year.

The win was his fifth straight, and his first outing under new coach and former middleweight world champion Andy Lee.

But the former WBO champion has agreed on a second bout on December 18 in Manchester promoted by Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom, in what will be his third fight this year.

Parker is currently ranked third on the WBO rankings, while Chisora has slipped to 10th.

Earlier this year, Parker said the rematch against Chisora would be the ideal situation to see just how much he has improved under the tutelage of Lee and working alongside Tyson Fury, who said prior to their initial meeting that Parker would have to question his place in the sport if he couldn’t beat Chisora.

“It was a close fight,” Parker reflected. “It was very good to get the win, but I feel like there’s a lot of learning I can do on my side. I feel like on Derek’s side, there’s not so much learning that he can do. I feel like there’s one way that he fights and there’s one way that he approaches a fight – and that’s applying pressure and throwing big bombs.

“I think if I continue to work with Andy and I continue to learn, continue to surround myself with guys like Tyson Fury and the team that Andy and I have and Tyson has, I feel like I can improve and get better.

“The big tell will be in a rematch with Derek Chisora to see if there’s any improvements or if I need to stop boxing and do something else.”

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